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Nectar Select creation

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Born in 2011 from the association of Emmanuel Maymi and Rodolphe Garcias, stone fruit specialists in Perpignan.


The office is physically set up in Rivesaltes within the packaging station of Rivesaltes Fruits, the leading producer of conventional and organic apricot production in France.


Consolidated revenue stands at €13.5 million in 2021.

At the service of its customers and its partner producers.

Who are
we ?

Specialist in the marketing of fruit to large French-speaking retailers
(France, Switzerland, Belgium).

French apricots, peaches and nectarines since 2011

Apricots, flat peaches, flat nectarines and Spanish plums since 2018

Rocha pear from Portugal since 2022

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Our dynamic

Producers represented exclusively

Only family structures

and leader in their industry

Offer the best possible product,

taste and appearance

Strong commitment in sectors


Reactivity, flexibility and adaptation

permanently to the needs of our customers

Rigor, service, exclusivity,

serious, confident

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The story

2011 Birth of the Roussillon products project

Conventional and organic French apricot from Rivesaltes Fruits, 2500 t

French peach and nectarine from the Réart Vallée brand 6000 t


2018 Integration of the Spanish producer Albice Fruits

Apricot 7000 t

Flat peach 4500 t

Flat nectarine 3000 t

Plum 3000 t


2022 Start of the Portuguese rocha pear supply chain with the producer Triportugal

Rocha pear 30000 t

Order Online
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Flat fruit 4,500 t

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Plum 3,000 t


Rocha pear 30,000 t

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APRICOT 7000 t

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Where we are


Rivesaltes Fruits

Product :Apricot

Family farm based in Roussillon

for more than 60 years

150 ha of organic apricot, 30 ha of conversion apricot and 50 ha of conventional (agroecology)

Production from May 15 – September 15

Constant renewal of varieties

Innovative projects: organic fig (4 ha), organic pomegranate (15 ha), white muscat grape (10 ha)

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Product :

Flat peache
flat nectarine
Family business
Largest apricot producer in northern Spain
Permanent search for taste quality with fruits having the best visual appearance


Family business since 1983
Product :Rocha pear
750 ha of yards
30,000 tons / year
DOP Pêra Rocha do Oeste

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Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

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Siège Social : 10 Rue de l'Emporda 66000 Perpignan

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